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We help Equestrian business owners turn their goals into reality, all through consumer behavior and knowledge of the equestrian industry.

Our Team has worked in the marketing, branding, and technology space for over eight years. As equestrians we realized something. The bar has been set too low for too long.

It's time to elevate your brand using the latest and most innovative techniques. 

What We Do

We help equestrian brands move up to the next level and reach their business goals


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Let's work together on taking your brand to the next level. Learn more about our branding, web design, marketing, and consulting services.

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Are you starting a business and have no idea how to build your brand or advertise your products? Sign up for one of our courses and we will teach you the basics. 

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Join our community of equestrian brands and business owners. Connect with other business owners, learn the latest in marketing, and join in on our events.

Building Your Brand

Branding is more than just your logo. It's the identity of your business. It's how your ideal customers will view and interact with your brand. It's showing what your brand's values are so they can identify with them. Your brand shapes your business, and how your customer will view it.

We have multiple branding options for multiple budgets. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

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Websites That Work As Hard As You Do

Your website isn't just a "pretty webpage", your website is a marketing tool. We ensure your website will turn website visitors into actual customers. Through user behavior and the latest research, we know how to appeal to your audience.

Our e-commerce sites are designed to increase sales through SEO, Social Selling Tools, Brand Ambassador Platforms, and the latest E-commerce tools.

About Two Point Marketing

Founded in 2020 in Salt Lake City Utah, Two Point Marketing creates high-quality branding and digital marketing strategies for businesses in the equestrian industry.

As equestrians ourselves, we saw the lack of high-quality branding and web design being offered to equestrian businesses and it became our mission to fill this gap. Our team has experience creating high-level branding in multiple industries. We decided to focus our talents and knowledge to help equestrian businesses grow and reach their potential. 

Our Work

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Branding Your Equestrian Business

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